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Our Fast
Friends Family

About us

We built Fast Friends on the values of creating positive change and inspiring people to DO/good, LOVE/big, and LIVE/now.  Tucked away from the bustle of traffic, Fast Friends sits on three and a half acres of lush green space just south of downtown Austin. It’s part oasis, part retreat, and all about fostering human connection over good food and good beer.

We combine craft brewing, farm-to-table culinary, wellness and philanthropy into a unique hospitality experience that's unlike anything else in Austin. Stop in, say howdy and enjoy a breezy afternoon under the canopy of live oaks. There's something for everyone here, and we've never met a stranger.


Please look after your little ones to ensure they don’t climb on our retaining walls or scale our fences. Sidenote, our friends at Crux Climbing Center have a great spot for that!

Yes, we love dogs. Only service dogs are allowed inside because we have an operating kitchen (per TX Department of State Health Services Rule § 228.172.). We do have tons of outdoor seating and a massive beer garden for the pups to roam. Please ensure your pups are well-behaved and leashed during their visit.

Absolutely almost all of our menu items can be customized based on your dietary preferences or restrictions. Importantly, we don’t upcharge for those customizations because it’s important to us to offer something for everyone at no extra cost.

We are NOT a gluten-free facility therefore there is a potential for cross contamination.

Let’s talk science friends! We brew several beers that are gluten reduced, we do not call them gluten free though.
What’s the difference? We use a product called Brewer's Clarex which is an enzyme that breaks down gluten chains. The result is beers that are at or below the FDA threshold of 20 PPM considered for safe consumption.
We recommend that if you have a celiac or another severe gluten allergy, stick to our GF options of ciders or wines.
We cannot in good conscience call our beers "Gluten Free" since all of our beers are technically made with gluten products. We hope y'all understand us erring on the side of caution here!
Fun Fact: all of our gluten reduced beers are tested by Chef Emily who has a gluten allergy, who is elated to be able to drink so many options without any issues.

Yes, tons! We have cider and wine options as well as Maine Root soda, Hop Water, and Sparkling water.

Absolutely! We have some killer private event space. Click here to tell us more about your party and we’ll be in touch soon.

No. We have a full kitchen with something for everyone here on site! We do make exceptions to this policy for desserts if you’re celebrating something special.

Yes! Fast Friends is guaranteed to boost productivity and positivity because of our connectivity (among other things).

We do not take reservations but have tons of space and seating for large groups. We also have some killer private event space! If interested in hosting your party here, click this link and tell us more about your party. We’ll be in touch soon.

We have parking on the south side of our building off of Tranquilo Trail and the North side of our building right off the I35 service road. You are also welcome to park in the dogpark parking lot on the south side of our building during our business hours. We encourage ridesharing, biking, walking, and carpooling - especially on the weekends -because we get pretty busy over here.